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SG1 Season 7 premeir 06/13/04 *SPOILERS*

Since there be spoilers here I started a new topic instead of continuing the countdown ... and for some reason no one else has yet, heh.

Well, I thought that was an intense two hours. A successful flight of an Earth "death glider" (and it seems even better than the original ones), an aliance with System Lords, and a pretty big battle even for Stargate's standards. I liked how they didn't spend an entire episode on bringing Daniel back into the fold like I thought they might and I liked seeing Daniel and Jonas working together. And damn did Jonas' city take a real beating! I liked Yu though ... pity it's now Ba'al in charge of the anti-Anubis resistence.

Even before the premier, SciFi was thinking how successful SG-1 is and contemplating asking them for an 8th season ...

So, discuss.
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