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Re: New To Babylon 5

Hey guys!

Sorry for late the late reply, I've been re-watching Babylon 5 from the beginning and it's great lol! I've just moved onto Season 3 so it starts getting really good from here on in.

Not too sure if I will re-watch the last season to be honest, I really wasn't a big fan of all the major changes that went down leading into that season, Ivanova leaving, Garibaldi completely changed roles and wasn't in as many episodes due to that, Londo was pretty much gone at this stage as well, Sheridan stepping down and taking on the more political role as president of the alliance, I mean he really went on the back burner because of this role and it just felt completely wrong for him to go this direction.

Too much changed for the worse imo for Season 5, almost left you feeling like there was big hole during season 5 with all those changes, just a bit too much and too different and I guess it could have came down to JMS trying to spice things up with the main story line being finished by this point going against the Shadows, which is the best story line of all time lol, loved that.
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