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Re: EpDis: A Call To Arms

Originally Posted by RW7427 View Post
The soundtrack to ACtA is actually pretty good, but that's not why I think there's a little something missing. I can't quite put my finger on what that is, so if anyone asks me exactly WHAT it is, I can't give them an answer.
For me it's the music..I thought in context of the movie it was ok at best but overall the movie was very good but the soundtrack left a dry taste in my mouth. I realize a lot of you like the ACTA soundtrack but for me it just didn't do it.

I wonder if its because the main Babylon 5 saga was finished and this was a prelude to the Crusade series?..I one thing I really miss Deleen in this movie..Is it the beard? Or watching Sheridan lay to rest in SIL and then showing up in this movie perhaps? Of course this movie is very dark too maybe that's it? It would be cool to find out what the dry taste in your mouth is for this B5 movie.

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