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Re: Is the Lost Tales DVD a DVD-R?

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SIDE NOTE: I believe I've told the story before but here it is again. My original LOST TALES DVD randomly stopped working. Pre-Ordered through Best when it was originally released and five years later it would not play on anything. No visible wear or damage (I have thousands of discs so I know how to treat them) and it just wouldn't work. I will check when I get back to Illinois because I have a couple of Lost Tales DVDs (because you can never have too many backups) and one of them might be Made-To-Order.

Same here. The BB Lost Tales DVD (with comic) was sitting in it's holder on a shelf, and years later pulled it for a B5 rewatch I was hosting - Toast. Gave it to a friend who had some recovery software to see what might come of it, and best he could do was view scrambled pixelated images. The term might be "DVD Rot", where the disc is so poorly made that it fails even if stored under near-perfect conditions. The non-BB version purchased as a replacement still works (for ? now). Purchased a "used" 3rd one - backups aplenty - that also came with the comic, and while it would Play All, wouldn't play the two episodes individually. All discs look silver-ish. As an extra extra backup, purchased the HD streaming version from Amazon, although that lacks bonus features. Unrelated TLT: Since I am dense, took me years to notice that the script for the never-produced Garibaldi Episode was included with the B5Book "TV Movies".
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