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Is the Lost Tales DVD a DVD-R?


I am new to this site, so please forgive any mistakes in posting. Also, I looked for the answer to this question and did not see it, but I am not good at searches so may have missed it, in which case please point me to that post - thanks

I just purchased a copy of The Lost Tales DVD and while it looks fine overall (case and disk intact), the play surface of the disk is blue/purple, NOT the typical silver of a professional DVD. I seem to recall that blue/purple is the usual color for a home-made DVD. So I'm trying to figure out if Amazon accidentally sent me a bootleg copy and I should ask for a replacement or if this is in fact the correct, real product. The back of the box does mention "Warner Archive" and I know that they do produce some burn-on-demand disks, so I was thinking this could be the explanation, but I'm not sure. Can someone who also owns this tell me if your copy is also like this? (blue/purple play surface) - thanks

I did attempt to contact the company directly (Warner Archive), but so far I've had no success doing so.


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