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Re: A thread about the future of B5TV

Having been here from Day 1, it is a wonderful thing to have the legacy of this place available to both new viewers of the old series as well as a place for us to come when the new series starts.

I, too, have made friends from participating here having met quite a few old-timers in person. I actually encountered Antony in a Yahoo Group for Farscape. He asked "would anyone be interested in a forum for Babylon 5 Legend of the Rangers?" I was one of many who enthusiastically said "YES!!"

There have been quite a few times over the last decade or so that this place could have been shut down. I am glad that those of us that have not gone beyond the Rim can gather again and wonder at whatever JMS comes up with.

Originally Posted by Jan View Post
I have a friend who'd like to register but he says registration is closed?
I checked the settings and it appears that we are open for new registrations. Let me know if there are still problems.
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