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Re: New To Babylon 5

Originally Posted by Axionz View Post

I'm sure I've mentioned this before but it feels sooooo strange sometimes when you watch these episodes and you see all these great actors when they were all in their early/mid 30s still looking fresh and young then you look online and it's as if you've went through a time jump by 30 years and looking at them all when they're in their 60s.... Just feels so odd like they shouldn't be that age, they should still be how I know them sort of thing lol, anyone get what I'm talking about?
Yes I totally understand what you mean. And I completely understand your desire to binge. Once you get rolling through Season Two it makes it difficult to take a break because you just want to see what is coming next.

As far as the movies go you are perfectly fine watching them toward the end of Season 5. I recommend stopping Season 5 after OBJECTS AT REST, 5.21. Save 5.22 SLEEPING IN LIGHT until you have watched everything else, all movies CRUSADE, LEGEND OF THE RANGERS, and THE LOST TALES. TRUST ME. You will thank me. It will be VERY difficult. You will want to watch it so bad after you see OBJECTS AT REST, 5.21, but don't give in.
SLEEPING IN LIGHT is the absolute last thing Babylon 5 related you should watch. It is the end.
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