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Re: New To Babylon 5

Hey all, how you all doing?

That's me just finished Season 4 today so now moving onto Season 5! I'm absolutely loving it and ended up binge watching all of season 3 & 4 lol, couldn't peel myself away from it haha... and yes you do completely start to love Sheridan as a character and how he progresses throughout those seasons.

I was looking up some "watching order" suggestions as some say watch "In The Beginning" after season 4 but as this is set 5 years before Season 1 so Delenn is her old self etc then I don't think it would really matter at this point would it? Based on that I think I will just watch Season 5 first then after that watch some of the movies, I have seen The Gathering already as I watched that right off the bat before Season 1.

So here I the 5th season and that gutting feeling is starting to appear because I know this will be the last season and being 30 years on pretty much there's no chance at all for anymore episodes and of course with a good portion of the cast passing away too early and the ones still alive are much too old to play how they were 30 years ago lol, just sucks man, something as good and as rich in character/story as Babylon 5 you just don't want it to end, ever!

I'm sure I've mentioned this before but it feels sooooo strange sometimes when you watch these episodes and you see all these great actors when they were all in their early/mid 30s still looking fresh and young then you look online and it's as if you've went through a time jump by 30 years and looking at them all when they're in their 60s.... Just feels so odd like they shouldn't be that age, they should still be how I know them sort of thing lol, anyone get what I'm talking about?

Hope you're all doing well!

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