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Re: New To Babylon 5

Originally Posted by Karajorma View Post
Ah, Severed Dreams, one of my favourite episodes of the show without a doubt.

As for seeing actors differently now, have you seen Walter Koenig in anything since starting? Cause for me I've stopped seeing Checkov, and started seeing Bester.
I want to watch SEVERED DREAMS right now.

I often go on and on about how BESTER is one of, at least, the Top 5 Villains of all time. I would love to make the claim of Top Villain of all time, but I don't have an all seeing eye that can show me every fictional villain of all time. I REALLY wish I had that all seeing eye to prove a theory with regard to Bester being the type of villain Bester is and him being the first such villain in TV history, but again I don't possess that ability.
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