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Re: New To Babylon 5

Hey all,

I just watched Season 3 Episode 10 (Severed Dreams) and it was an absolutely epic episode!!!! It was actually so exciting to watch haha and the story/character depth keeps evolving and getting better and better!

Really enjoying it so far, it still feels so strange to think this was from the 90s and seeing all the actors being fairly young in the show and then seeing them today is also super strange and throws you off a bit almost like jumping back and forward in time if that makes any sense lol. Just such a strange feeling seeing the cast today because I know them as their younger versions and then boom 30 years later today seeing them much older, anyone else get the feeling I'm talking about lol?

I literally just seen online that Mira Furlan passed away on the 20th of this month god rest her soul such a shame another one of the cast has passed away far too early.

This is actually so gutting man

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