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Re: New To Babylon 5

Originally Posted by vacantlook View Post
Please feel free to post your thoughts as you proceed through your watching of the series. B5 fans tend to enjoy being able to vicariously relive the first time viewing experience.

Personally, I think Sinclair and Sheridan are very different energies. I think I might have preferred Sheridan back in the days that the show was new and ongoing, but in the years since, I've come to prefer Sinclair. That doesn't mean that I don't still enjoy Sheridan as a character, but I think if I were to aspire toward either of them, I would more want to be like Sinclair.
Will do! I'm actually about to watch Season 2 Episode 19 and it's getting really interesting regarding the Shadow enemies that use to rule hundreds of years ago, loving that story so far.

Yeh I loved Michael O'Hare as Sinclair I just felt like he was such a powerful presence on screen as the commander, like holding true to that sort of strong military mindset that a long time veteran war commander would have had with being through such a big war in the past against another race that basically took you right to the brink of extinction.

He was an absolute marvel in my opinion by making the viewers feel that sort of presence through screen, his voice is also epic and should 100% still be the main intro. I sort of get the vibe that back then when he was actually doing it some people didn't take to him very well with regards to his performance but like O'hare said himself many years later (like late 2000s) it was as if over time everyone understood what I was doing with the character and he quickly became a favorite. I'm glad he was alive when that happened and he seen that his character actually became one of the most important characters in the history of the show and he knew from the fans they missed his presence greatly.

I like Sheridan more as each episode passes, he fits in quite well and it's going good but I would have absolutely loved to have seen O'Hare as the commander all the way through, a damn shame what he went through back then and no one had any idea the pain he was suffering.

He was a legend and what was his medal as commander? something like, "For those that held the line". He certainty done that by fighting through to make sure Season 1 was finished and no one lost their jobs from the show potentially getting cancelled if he dropped out early, RIP Michael O'hare and for winning that fight.

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