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Re: New To Babylon 5

Soooo any updates? How far have you made it?

And yes it was a completely different world. I enjoy how people get a little dose of that reality with shows like THE MANDALORIAN. I know Disney Plus spaces out releasing the episodes so you can't just get a free month subscription and see the whole thing when it is released, but that tactic does let people know a little of how it once was when it came to watching shows you love. No binge watching. You just had to wait week to week. Think of the chaos that would explode the world if it went back to that now. The show is on this week and if you miss the episode you might NEVER see it again. Re-Runs were never a guarantee. I mean they were sometimes around the original air date, but a couple of years later you couldn't just say, "I'd like to see this show again." and go find it on the internet or physical media. You just had to hope some day it would air again.
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