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Re: B5:TLT - Show Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Originally Posted by Capt. Neville View Post
My point is that many shows do this, i.e. show the camera shot as if we were watching the direct feed, because they (IMHO) think it's right to do. However, it makes no logical sense: we're not watching Lockley talk to us, we're watching her talk to Sheridan, and showing it the former way just breaks that illusion.
Haven't seen it yet, but that sounds to me like something that could have happened for any number of reasons during editing. The footage would have to have been shot from that angle anyway for the purposes of showing it on the other viewscreen. Maybe they realised they could save an effects shot or two by just using it raw instead of compositing it into Sheridan's scene, or maybe her performance was better than in the wider angle, or they lost the wide angle, or found the footage was unusable for some reason once it was too late to do reshoots.

It's not necessarily a conscious choice on the part of the director. And it would never have happened in the original series because I believe there they just tended to film the onscreen actor in the next room and use a video feed.

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