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Re: B5:TLT - Show Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Originally Posted by Dangerousapple View Post
JMS placed his camera in the same location as the make-believe camera that films Lochley and sends her image to Sheridans ship - that's not necessarily a mistake.
It wasn't a mistake in the sense that it was intentional, yes. I'm arguing whether it was *right* to do.

Note, for example, that the camera shots for Sheridan are not from the angle that would actually be capturing Sheridan to send to Lockley (unless Lockley is looking at the side of Sheridan's face the entire conversation

My point is that many shows do this, i.e. show the camera shot as if we were watching the direct feed, because they (IMHO) think it's right to do. However, it makes no logical sense: we're not watching Lockley talk to us, we're watching her talk to Sheridan, and showing it the former way just breaks that illusion.

It bothers me whenever I see any show or film do it, and it bothered me here. What bothered me more, though, was that the shots of Sheridan were done the correct way. If one was correct, why wasn't the other?

Again, just my 2 cents.


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