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Re: The Original Battlestar Galactica

Originally Posted by JonFrain View Post
Back then #26 was pretty bad. And summer ratings mean nothing unfortunately.

It was simply too expensive for a show that couldn't maintain the premier ratings. It has more to do with the writers being rushed by the network and them cranking out half ass ripoffs of movies in lots of episodes.
26 wasn't that bad. There were only 78 shows on the air at the time. Generaly speaking in those days any show that was in the top 50% got renewed. Larson thought he was going to get a 2nd season if he could bring the cost-per-episode down, and was dumbstruck by te cancellation. (Network politics)

The summer ratings dont' count, agreed. I just mentioned them to show that once people could FIND the show, and the network wasn't jumping it all over the schedule in an effort to kill it, the ratings were pretty good.

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