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Re: The Telepath War?

Originally Posted by Republibot 3.0 View Post
Is there any kind of official date on when the Telepath War began or ended?

I know when Lyta left the station in 2262 she said she was going to give Garibaldi 2 years to funnel her funds and stuff, after which she'd remove the block. That implies the war started at some point towards the end of 2264. Crusade mentions the war was "Recent." That gives us a window of three years. Legend of the Rangers takes place in 2265, and it doesn't appear to have started yet, so that further narrows it down.

Does anyone have anything more specific about the dates involved?
I recall a reference to "War" might not be the most appropriate term for the (1st?) one, it was very short, so yea if I'm remembering right, starting the war in (late?) '64 and ending it before we join Crusade in '65 makes sense.
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