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Re: EpDis: The Fall Of Night

Ground accelerates air.

But what decelerates air?
The air does.

The air is not even close to being a monolithic entity. It isn't all being moved in the direction that the ground is pushing it. The air ends up bouncing off of other parts of the air. Energy (with different force vectors) are imparted to the air by the core shuttle passing through, by the ventilation system of the station, by the jet packs used by maitenance and emergency response crews (remember that the existance of those things is mentioned in this very episode), among other things. In fact, all of that stuff, and the effects from it that are transferred from the air to the hull are the primary force acting to slow down the rotation, forcing energy to be put back into the system by burning fuel to push the hull around.

The effects of different currents within the air are not negligible. On Earth rivers flow more rapidly a little below the surface than they do at the surface because of friction with the atmosphere (the difference isn't as great as the difference at the bottom or along shore where the friction is with the river bed, but the difference does still exist).
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