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Re: Eureka (2006-2012)


IMDB Synopsis: A bowling tournament brings a rival team from Area 51 to town, but when a practical joke goes too far Jack may be the town's only hope for survival.

Another middle of the road episode, but still entertaining.

Another middle of the road episode, but still entertaining.*🙄

So after getting off to a great start Season Three as really leveled off. It isn't bad, but they are not really hitting home runs.

Spoiler for spoiler:
I feel like they are trying a bit too hard to combine disaster of the week with relationship drama of the week and it isn't really all that entertaining. While they are still coming up with some novel concepts it is just getting redundant.

-Experiment gets out of control.
-Someone's starting, or ending, or having relationship trouble.

The same formula week after week. And as I've said, how many times can Eureka threaten the existence of the world without being shutdown..... apparently enough times to last five seasons of a show. I like this show, but I am starting to question how they managed five seasons. I keep hoping there is a big change around the corner, but the current underlying mystery plot doesn't even have me remotely intrigued.*

I know the above is not much of a direct spoiler, but it does spoil something about the episode so I locked it up.*😁​
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