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Re: Eureka (2006-2012)


Synopsis: Jack keeps having to rescue his sister Lexi from a bumbling superhero.

I would say I liked most of this episode, but it had one of the most hilariously poor or bad..... those are really too negative. It wasn't really negative so much as a hilarious copout.


Spoiler for spoiler:
Once again we get a giant facility under Eureka. Come on this is dumb. And what I mentioned above. Jack you can't start using discarded phasing technology because the technology was abandoned because people died when the effect couldn't be reversed. Cut to Jack is dying and a magic cure because apparently saving his life motivated them to find a cure while those other folks were just not worth trying hard enough. *

That has to be one of the most hilarious copout endings I've ever seen in a show. It was such a copout they seem to literally point at themselves as being a copout.

Episode is okay by me. Not my favorite, but it had its moments.​
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