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Re: B5 Feature Film to be scriptedTRUE! There will be a feature film going into produ

Originally Posted by Republibot 3.0 View Post
I have a lot of concerns about this. Not the least of which is that we've been burned by this sort of thing at least 7 previous times that we know about, and probably as many that we don't.
I can think of a few - TMOS, Crusade, TLT, Rangers, and the failed reboot due to venue falling through. Although, in the case of a few, something actually got made, but not much more than a handful of episodes, which is potentially even more frustrating! Allowing for that, that would be five. What are the other two?

Originally Posted by Republibot 3.0 View Post
The "Reboot" idea bugs me because it was JMS' refusal to recast that ankled TMOS, and if he refuses to ever recast G'Kar out of respect for his friend, then what's the point of retelling the story, just with a G'kar-oid character there? I'm also concerned about *why* a reboot in the first place? Do we have to sit through the Shadow War again?

There are some obvious logical reasons to do a reboot: a very complex backstory, old and increasingly unattractive cast, just some obvious screw ups in the show that he'd like to fix, and, hell, just erasing Crusade/Rangers/Lost Tales would be tempting.

That said, I feel it would be a bad idea. Yeah, the cast are old, but the cast dont' need to be the stars, they just need to be there. The story can be about David Sheridan and Garibaldi's daughter, and Some New Guy Who's Replace Franklin, and so on. As long as The Old Guard are there, and each have like one good scene, I'd be satisfied, and so would most of us, I think. Then we could just have a nice new story about mostly new characters, with the old ones holding their coats, but still treated respectfully.
And of coruse that means we don't have to sit through The Shadow War again.
JMS has already indicated that he wants to use some of the old cast, but in other roles. As you say, I think itíd be hard to go for anything that jumps off from the B5 we know, because youíd alienate a large chunk of your potential audience. We canít really expect new viewers to be familiar with B5 canon. I have a feeling we wonít be sitting through familiar events again. When I think of Ďrebootí, Iím thinking more of Abrams Star Trek, where the universe is familiar but thereís plenty of scope of new things. If I know JMS, things will be different, and our expectations will be turned upside down, in a good way. I doubt a simple re-telling would satisfy him creatively.

Weíve already seen that any continuation of the existing B5 verse has been shaky at best, so a Ďhard resetí seems best to me. At this point, Iím definitely not adverse to that. I think the original cast had their time to shine, so Iím fine with new faces. It allows for far more creative freedom and has more chance of being interesting.

You know what is really great though. We have something to discuss again. These boards have been so very quiet of late, and even if the film doesnít please everyone itís kinda nice to talk about B5 as a going concern again.
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