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Re: EpDis: A Day In The Strife

. . . I think you are way off base with the Franklin drug thing. It is because he is so strong, and driven to do his job, that he comes to rely on stims, not for escape, or pleasure, but to keep him going to do his job. Further, being a Dr., he thinks he has the knowledge to handle them, and not go to extremes, but he was wrong. It makes perfect sense to me.
It does make perfect sense. I never said it was implausible, or shocking, or too difficult to believe that Franklin got hooked on drugs, but I did say it could have been handled better. This is fiction; think of the possibilities. Also, I never implied that Franklin came to rely on them for hedonistic pleasures, but what I meant to convey is that the stims did not have the proper origins in Franklin's life to be dramatically effective.
It could have been so much more powerful to have a valid and strong reason why our hero Franklin became so dependent on drugs. The way it was done, it was done okay, but this story had the potential to be done phenomenally.
If Franklin's drug addiction had appropriately warranted, then you are looking at a much better story.
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