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Re: Logical Insanity

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Dukhat was at fault for not revealing the information passed to him by Kosh about the humans to Delenn earlier, which in turn would have allowed her to put things into place to avoid any potential conflict. He kept the information to himself, possibly at the insistance of the two vorlons and the rest.................well you know what happened.
Without Earth-Minbari war, there wouldn't be any Babylon stations. No Valen, and Minbari would lost the first Shadow war.

Perhaps Vorlon knew it beforehand that Dukhat would be killed, and there would be a holy war. They just played it to their favor.

Originally Posted by vorlonlovechild View Post
As far as the nukes are concerned, I always thought they fell for it because they were so focused on killing humans, they gave very little regard to anything else..
As Londo said, "Arrogance goeth before the fall."
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