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Re: JMS' Viewing Order

In this case in particular, I think that the time needed was correct. JMS said in the script books:

“Chrysalis” required new ship designs, the creation of Earthforce One, the Shadow vessel,36 the Shadows themselves, the Io station, the attack on the Narn fleet, and a lot of naturalistic CGI – the hardest kind to produce convincingly – including the DownBelow environments and the Maze, which for me was emblematic of Londo’s life. Each turn of the maze represents a choice he’s made, or is going to make, for good or ill. He’s in the center of that maze, just as he is in the center of his life, when Mr. Morden offers him a direction and a choice, appealing to him as a patriot but also as someone who wants desperately to be recognized, to be important again. Once
he makes that choice, Londo begins a journey that will ultimately take him far from any hope of salvation.

To illustrate just how close we ran to the bleeding edge in terms of delivering these big episodes in time for broadcast...and how things don’t always work out as you plan them...we were frenziedly working on “Chrysalis” until the last possible minute, to make sure it was absolutely flawless. Finally,
exhausted but happy, we delivered the episode the day before it was to be beamed out to the various PTEN stations via satellite feed.
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