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Re: JMS' Viewing Order

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The production numbers. 101 means season one, first episode filmed.
Oh crikey, so they weren't even filmed in either "the original order" or in JMS's order?
This is the correct jms authorised chronological order from the Babylon 5 Historical Database

Crusade Season 1 2267.
War Zone 1st Jan - 5th Jan 2267.
The Long Road. 27th Feb - 2nd March 2267.
Appearances and Other Deceits. March 2267
The Memory of War. 30th March - 1st April 2267.
Needs of Earth. April 2267.
Racing the Night. May 2267,
Visitors from Down the Street. 13th May - 14th May 2267
Each Night I Dream of Home. May 2267.
The Path of Sorrows. June 2267.
Ruling from the Tomb. 15th June - 16th June 2267.
Patterns of the Soul. June 2267.
The Well of Forever. July 2267. (Joe confirmed that Mr Jones saying Matheson had sensed the emotions of others, was indeed referring to Durkani and Lyssa from Visitors from Down the Street)
Rules of the Game. July 2267
To The Ends of the Earth 1st September - 3rd September 2267 (Full script but unproduced. Dates from the script)
Value Judgements. September 2267 (Full script but unproduced)
End of the Line. December 2267 (Full script but unproduced)
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