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Re: EpDis: Day Of The Dead

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What Lennier needed to do in season 5 was to find his own path. Maybe not necessarily with the Rangers, maybe joining the Rangers could have led him down a road to a different destination. In the end though he just completely loses himself and what he stands for. It's like his moral anchor just vanishes..
Which just didn't play with the way the character had developed prior to that for me, we didn't really get the sense he was only involved in the cause due to love for Delenn.

Another way to do it might I'd say have been to have him not fail the moral standards of others but his own moral standards. The simplist change I spose would be having things play out as they do but not have Sheridan or anyone but Lennier know that he failed to help. Although that wouldn't really address the moral shift entirely it would at least mean that he banishes himself on his own judgement not that of others.

Something like that again could have been foreshadowed with Morden. What I always liked about B5 compared to Trek was that characters like Sheridan and Delenn whilst obviously very moral kept there eye on the greater good rather than staying whiter than white and having the universe bend over backwards to reward them in a most unrealistic fashion. Lennier was more of the trek kind of character IMHO and someone like Morden who could likely have justified his actions in a pragmatic fashion would have been good to pick some holes in that.
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