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Re: EpDis: Day Of The Dead

I'm a bit ambiguous about this episode. I agree that Rebo and Zooty would have been better left unseen - then we would at least have had the illusion that they're funny. However, their subplot does explore the intrinsic worth of art, showing that it can be just a important to people as politics. I do find it interesting that they have learned about Minbari humour, causing Delenn to laugh out loud.

The "Day of the Dead" plot is perhaps choppy. Exploring several people's "visions" means that each experience appears rather superficial because it is brief. Seeing Zoe gives us some background information on Lochley, which is good, and it resolves a question that has been haunting her. I don't understand what Dodger does to resolve anything for Garibaldi. Londo's longing for Adira is understandable, of course, and being with her once more before becoming Emperor gives him one last personal joy.

The combination that intrigues me most is that of Lennier and Morden. What connection is there? Is it the fact that Morden asks what Lennier wants - his standard question? The prophecy of Lennier's betrayal is the next stone in the mosaic, building up to the actual event later.

And of course Kosh's message is suitably mysterious, as could be expected of him.
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