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Re: Lochley - Good or Bad???

Originally Posted by KoshN View Post
I voted "Hell no." but it's not necessarily because I miss Ivanova. It's because Ivanova would have been much, much better in the role of Babylon 5 commander. From the very beginning, I've thought that it was a terrible, TERRIBLE case of miscasting to have Tracy in this role. Tracy's striking (glaring) looks and physique, which there seems to be no way to soften, and her voice just do not fit, and distract from the stories, dominating every scene she's in. I can see her as a fitness instructor, a female bodybuilder, a saloon girl, a callgirl, a tramp, or the other woman, but not as the commander of Babylon 5.

I've got nothing against Tracy personally, but here she was simply miscast, and her acting skills cannot bridge the gap. With her looks, I'm not sure anybody's acting skills could bridge the gap.
I agree. Tracy can plan the sexy girlfriend, which was her role in Crusade. The ruthless military commander is not.
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