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Re: Lochley - Good or Bad???

In addition to what Jan's posted,...

There was about a year between the production of The Gathering and the production of the series itself. Babylon 5 was sold as a part of a syndication package called PTEN along side other shows. Those other shows took ass-long amounts of time to get their production capability up to a level that would enable them to actually make a show on a weekly basis. Despite being ready to produce a series within months of finishing producing The Gathering, Babylon 5 had to sit and wait until those other shows were ready to go too since they were all part of a package of programs. Thus about a year passed. That amount of time passing triggered the expriation of the pick-up options in the actors' contracts, which means that the show had to renegotiate the contracts with the actors come time that they were given the go-ahead to start producing episodes of the show by WB. For various reasons I would assume, the actors playing Takashima, Lyta, Dr Kyle, and Carolyn were not able to arrive at a renegociated contract.

Speaking specifically about Tamlyn Tomita, she had eyes for a film career, not a television one, which is part of what jms has said made her an attractive actor for the Takashima role because it was designed as a role that would terminate in two years or so. But with the amount of time that passed between production of The Gathering and the series, I guess Tamlyn desided to just go ahead and move on from B5 then.
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