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Re: Lochley - Good or Bad???

Originally Posted by Crusader View Post
Ok, why didnt Takashima appear in season 1 then. Did the actress nt want the job after the pilot?? or was JMS dissatisfied with her??? or was she eaten by a Pak'Mara???
According to Script Book #1:

...Warner Bros. was not convinced of Tamyln's performance as a member of the military. The latter was the most frustrating to me because when we shot the pilot, she demonstrated those characteristics admiarble; but when WB saw the pilot they wanted her character softened, made more "relatable," so the insisted we have her re-voice her entire performance with a softer, and more (in their opinion) feminine tone. So you can imagine my frustration when, based on the finished film, they decided that her performance wasn't commanding enough, because it was just fine before they started messing with it.
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