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B5 Feature Film to be scripted

Thought I'd give this topic its own thread.

News coming out of JMS SDCC panel via the ever reliable Jan Schroeder, is that there will be a feature film going into production in 2016 with or without WB's support. Studio JMS has been successful enough to look at doing this.

This is AMAZING news! FAR better than sock puppets!

I think, logically, it has to be a reboot with a new cast. Too many of the original cast have passed beyond the rim, and many are now too old to convincingly reprise their roles. I would also guess that it can't really be set after, or during the events of the original TV series, because that would alienate far too much of the films potential audience - the general cinema going public. It would have to be what Serenity is to Firefly. Done in such a way that new viewers can get to know the universe with no prior knowledge.

However, I could see a lot of the old cast getting cameos, perhaps in the vein of Star Wars VII. Or, as the above videos suggests, perhaps playing totally different characters that are relevant to the story.

Stepping back for a monent though. Even if JMS writes a script, is there really any certainty this will get made? It would still need a home, backers and financing. So, whilst I'm very excited, I'm not holding my breath until I see something more concrete, like ink on the page with a studio.

I think we all remember the TMOS experience. Hopefully this is different and JMS is better placed now to get this made.

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