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Re: B5 Feature Film to be scriptedTRUE! There will be a feature film going into produ

Originally Posted by JoeD80 View Post
It's in the "Echoes of all our conversations" interview books. Bill Mumy August 5th 1997:

Originally Posted by Bill Mumy
When I read that Lennier was toasted as one who had fallen [in Sleeping in Light], at first I tried to appeal that. I went to Joe and said, "Does he have to die?" and Joe said, "He dies in the great telepath war. He'll die like a hero, and it's way down the line; it's two movies down the line." I said, "Yeah, but he has to die?" and Joe said, "Yes, he's dying. He'll die like a hero and it will be great death, and it's after the fifth season" and blah blah blah.

That's Lennier's fate: he dies in the great telepath war somewhere down the line in the future.
Ok, so let's break this down objectively.

1) Lannier is dead as of SIL
2) Lannier died at some point after Objects At Rest.

That's fact. That's canon. That's onscreen and beyond debate.

3) JMS said in 1997 that Lannier would die late in the movie series.

This is less certainly canonical, because (A) the movie series never happened, and (B) isn't gonna.

So this tells us what JMS had in mind in 1997, but it DOESN'T tell us what he had in mind in 1995, or in 2000 for that matter. We have a reliable-but-second-hand account of what a writer told an actor about a character. No doubts that this was honest, but as we have REPEATEDLY seen, JMS' plans for B5 changed tracks rather massively several times over the course of the production of the series.

Lannier's fate in 1995 was almost unquestionably different since the fate of the whole station, nay, universe was different at that point. Likewise, after the crash-and-burn of Crusade, JMS could easily have revisited the character's direction. In fact, I'd be surprised if he didn't. He really only had one established canonical fact - Lanier's dead by SIL - and he could do anything he wanted apart from that.

Writers do this *ALL* the time.

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