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Re: Eureka (2006-2012)


IMDB Synopsis: The D.O.D. has sent in a business shark to perform an evaluation of Global Dynamics' viability, and everything that could possibly go wrong, does. Including a drone, whose boosted AI turns it into a killing machine.

Guest star Frances Fisher. I've never seen her in anything where she wasn't great. I really like this role on her as well. Guest star Jonathon Young. I only know him from playing Tesla on SANCTUARY and his appearance on STARGATE ATLANTIS, but I like him so I'm glad he turned up in EUREKA.

Most of it. I guess I thought this was a pretty weak season opener. I can't decide if I like what they are doing with Fisher's character. On the one hand it seems VERY cliché to introduce this type of character, while at the same time it seems VERY fitting that this type of character would be inserted into the plot.
Spoiler for spoiler:
EUREKA should have never tried to do romance. They aren't very good at it. NO WAY Allison would EVER sit on Stark's lap in Cafe Diem. And speaking of Cafe Diem, I felt the refrigerator thing was handled VERY poorly. They should have gone subterranean if they were going to suggest it was large enough that a tram was required.* But back to the whole love triangle thing.* It is soooo poorly done.* It is sooooo useless and annoying.* I love the Carter / Stark relationship.* If anything those two should get together. *

Overall not a terrible episode, but I am concerned about Season Three moving forward. Oh and still not of fan of Zane. 🙄
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