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Re: Eureka (2006-2012)

Episode 11

IMDB Synopsis: All the women of Eureka begin to pursue Carter, so something must be very wrong.

Oh what a great concept that just didn't quite hit right. Loved all the humor. Loved seeing guest stars like Lexa Doig.

How they wasted this opportunity with needless convulsion filler. They tried to make more of a mystery than was necessary and it some what spoiled other aspects and made for some big plot holes.

Spoiler for spoiler:

Early on they were too specific with the female attraction. Carter was around more than just the women they focused on in the script. The issue should have been more evident earlier on.

I know the stuff with the wolves was meant to be a mislead, but it just seemed unnecessary. Yeah they were able to stick some good plot points in with it, but they could have used that screen time for more humor.
There was enough mystery going on. They didn't need the wolves.

And talk about a huge hole, why didn't Dr. Stone (Richard Ian Cox) report finding the bodies? That made no sense. I know they would say his wife distracted him, but that would also make no sense. Why would he go home before reporting the discovery of human remains?!

Ugggggh poor choices are so annoying because this could have / should have been an excellent episode. I would say the episode is an overall winner, but it could have been top tier.

WOW! Just realized this was post 800!!!!! Where is my prize?

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