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Re: Steve Burg - Some early design work on Prometheus

Originally Posted by VeriBaldi View Post
Thanks for the blog information, Triple F.

Prometheus disappointed me. I think early drafts had some high science fiction like Babylon 5 in it. But too many writers reduced the movie to a focus-group tested standard horror movie.

It looked great, though.
Aliens is my favorite movie of all time and when I heard about Prometheus and the details that followed, I was hyped up for it.

I did like it and it opens some questions to be answered in the following movies but yeah it could have been done a bit better... I mean, 1st contact with "engineers" and what happens? It trys to kill the humans like some fiendish horror movie monster lol that was pretty dumb

That was the first movie I watched in 3D. It's awsome the first 20 minutes then it seems normal lol.

I like these concept art pics. I take it they settled for that big rock dome structure instead of this ship then?
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