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Re: EpDis: In The Beginning

It was really quite a good movie and definitely the best out of all of them- though I liked "Call To Arms" a lot too. The only major problem that I had with it- and this goes for the Star Wars prequels as well- is that it put some of the major characters together in a contrived manner that defied plausibility when the series hadn't established the background for their prior interaction. If Sheridan, Franklin, and G'Kar had exhibited some previous familiarity with each other when Sheridan came aboard B5 in S2, their interaction with each other during the E-M war wouldn't have seemed so contrived. Also, I thought it was wierd that the Soul Hunter scene from S4's flashback was axed out the scene with Dukhat right before his death. That being said, it was still an interesting chronicle of the E-M war that does a good job tying together the major characters' back stories as referenced in the series. I also really liked how Londo narrated the story and the end when we find out when Londo is telling the story- namely right before his *meeting* with Sheridan and Delenn- previously seen in "War Without End" and before his and G'Kar's death.
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