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Re: The Illusion of Truth - Worst Episode?

Originally Posted by garak0410 View Post
I did admire what it was going, just went on too long...

I am anxious how to see the rest of the series plays out...I was happy with the way Deep Space Nine ended and have high hopes for this show.
Because of the fear of Cancellation at the end of S4, there are some things that conclude in S4, that should have flowed over a couple episodes into S5, and somethings that start from scratch (perhaps seeming a bit random to some) at the beginning of S5, that should have slowly started developing at the end of S4. So, you will find S4 ending like Gang busters, and perhaps may find S5 starting a little slow (as if starting all over again) that made some people believe JMS decided to force a S5. If you notice this slow patch in the beginning of S5, stick with it, and know that the transition of storylines should have been smoother if there wasn't a fear of cancellation at the end of S4, and know that S5 does pick back up, and become every bit as good as any of the other seasons. It was all intended to be there, just a smoother transition from S4 to S5.
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