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Re: The Illusion of Truth - Worst Episode?

Originally Posted by garak0410 View Post
My wife and I are up to the episode "The Illusion of Truth" and while we find B5 one of the best TV shows ever, this episode was just horrible in our opinions, even worse than "Grey 17..." and "Infection." When they got to the newscast portion, it made its point in the first 2 run the rest of the entire episode with what we already know is wrong was just boring. My wife said "I have no interest in this episode at all."
I thought it was a brilliant episode and should be required viewing in every grade school to show people how easy it is to skew 'news' to push an agenda. There are so many examples of how creative editing was used that if you were bored, you really should go back and watch it again to see what you missed because the point wasn't just that what was filmed on the station could be twisted it was *how* and how easily it was done. I understand that it is being used in many university film classes.

I know I've never looked at a news broadcast the same way again since seeing that episode. I have to ask what agenda is getting pushed.

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