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Re: Three opportunities to avoid the fire.....

Well by killing Morden, his Shadow associates and blowing up their ships, Londo did make Centauri Prime the target for Drakh reprisals. Perhaps that fate would have been avoided if Londo could have kept Morden alive for long enough for the Shadows to leave. With the Shadows gone, it's hard to say what Morden would have done. Would he continue trying to promote conflict through change like the Drakh did? Or would he have have had to come up with a whole new reason for his existence?

About Londo always becoming emperor, by that point Cartagia was already on the throne. Whatever had happened, Londo would have had to remove him and thereby place himself in the running to be emperor (whether he wanted to be or not). Londo had all kinds of choices about HOW he'd become emperor and what kind of emperor he would be, he made the wrong ones.
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