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Re: Ron Thornton Medical Expense Help

Sad news: Ron Thornton passed away yesterday.
I am grieved to tell you that Ron Thornton has passed away this evening. Ron has meant so much to so many of us over the years; he is indeed a VFX legend but he was also an incredible human being, a true friend, a great mentor to so many, and just so alive. He relished life and came at it with so much energy and creativity and openness, at work and at play. He will be so missed, by so many, but most especially by his beloved wife, Lada. In keeping with your own spirit, please send your thoughts and prayers for strength and comfort her way.

I thank everyone for their contributions to this fund. It is still open for the expenses and assistance that Lada needs at this time of loss.
He'll always have the gratitude of the B5 community. The fundraiser page is still open for donations.
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