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Re: Ron Thornton Medical Expense Help

New update has been posted:

Just a quick update: this is the latest of several recent hospital stays. Ron is feeling better after treatment and is back home for the moment. There may be a possibility yet that a living donor partial transplant could be effective, and I and others are urging Ron to look into this, and if it is a possibility and he is willing, then we may put out a call for volunteers to test and to be a donor. I've already heard privately from several who are willing to do so, and I checked into it myself, but I'm disqualified for being over 55. Grrrrr. Who made that rule?!

Again, many, many thanks to all those who have contributed and who have shared the news. Ron and Lada are quite moved by this outpouring of both generosity and of kindness and affection in the many contributions, messages and posts.
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