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Re: Telepathy - why not use it more often?

"What the hell just happened out there? I was stranded, out of communication, and suddenly I was hit by a sense of great personal danger."

Alfred Bester, Dust to Dust

We haven't heard many telepaths claim anything like this elsewhere. Is this a testament to Bester's powerful telepathic abilities and highly developed skills? Earlier in the series rather than later, telepaths would keep saying they needed line-of-sight contact for their abilities to work. Does Bester have capabilities that are beyond this? Is he ultra special? Or did Ivanova send a telepathic signal of murderous intent that he picked up? If it's the latter, he doesn't seem to have realized it was her, ever. Or was it something else?

And for that matter, is Bester the secret son of Vorlon Targaryen?

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