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Re: EpDis: The Wheel Of Fire

It's definitely starting to feel like things are being wrapped up in this episode.

I agree with Elipsis that the best storyline here is Lyta's. I sympathize with her and her "cause", although I don't get why she is bombing Psi Corps facilities in Byron's name. She knew how he felt about that. I guess it's the anger clouding her judgment.

I'm not crazy about the Lochley/Garibaldi alcoholics conversation ...But, at least, as others said, finally something is happening with that, Garibaldi is taking action, things are looking up.

That conversation Dr. Franklin and Sheridan have in medlab, about Delenn's pregnancy is a bit weird. They're almost talking like Delenn is 9 months pregnant and in a coma, and Sheridan has to make decisions about whether to save her or their baby. It's weird for the doctor to ask Sheridan if HE wants to have this baby. What if he had said "GODS NO, cut it out!" You think they'd at least have waited until she woke up and asked HER opinion?
I think we're well beyond pastels now.
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