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Re: The Dresden Files

Originally Posted by KoshN View Post
Finished 7 (Dead Beat) a couple of days ago. When you said "they bring in the White Council." , I thought you meant the Senior Council, not just five Wardens (two strong ones, one medium, and two fledglings).
Well it was more than they've showed before. If it makes you feel better Turn Coat will deal more with the Senior Council. Jim Butcher has 3 (out of 5) chapters up on his website so far and Morgan gets framed for killing one of them.

I think Harry is finally going to come into his power in the next book and officially enter the "Heavy Weight Division." I pity da fool dat messes with Harry Dresden.

Here's the link if you want to read those chapters...

Spoiler for for Turn Coat:
Aleron LaFortier goes buh bye.

Originally Posted by KoshN View Post
Mouse is really turning out to be a great dog. Really took care of Cassius/Liver Spots. CRUNCH! Go Mouse!!! Butters really stepped up to the plate, as well.
I didn't like the name "Mouse" at first but it's grown on me.

Butters is a great character... It just adds an extra layer of FUNNY since his doctor is a medical examiner.

Spoiler for for Proven Guilty:
Just a heads up... Mouse gets hit by a van in the next book but he's ok. It happened and I almost wanted to stop reading but then a couple chapters later you find out he's still allive. It'll take more than a van to put him down.

Originally Posted by KoshN View Post
Regarding Sue, well Harry doesn't do stuff halfway, does he? That was an inspired bit of magic! Damned impressive!
Yeah... Thanks to Sue that was my favorite book. I was about halfway through that book when somebody started talking to me about that part. They ruined it a little but then it only encouraged me to read faster till I got to that part. "My baby can move."
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