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Re: Is it time to give season 5 another chance?

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it's got to happen in a realistic way where it creeps up on him until one day he looks in the mirror and thinks, 'what happened to me? How did I become this person?' There's no angst, no tortured decision making, no slippery slope where he's forced to take certain dubious actions because he feels he has no choice.
I don't think a character needs to acknowledge his own flaw for it to exist. A lot of people never notice what they do wrong. This gets played out in more subtle ways with the way Lyta feels she is being treated; there is a scene later in the season with Franklin that exemplifies this. If Sheridan had taken a different approach from the beginning Lyta wouldn't have been as willing to accept Byron's message in the first place and the telepath situation wouldn't go the way it does.

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It's the same for Garibaldi and the others. They are decent people at heart so to see them casually make these choices doesn't seem true to who they are.
For Garibaldi I don't see him as a character that would have a problem with using somebody if it gets him what he wants.
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