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Re: Lochley - Good or Bad???

Originally Posted by Crusader
...Speaking of Laurel Takashima ive heard nothing of what happened to her character after the pilot film, what gives???
I don't know what jms considers to have fully happened to her character now, but originally, Takashima was going to be the character to have the PsiCorps's "Control" personality (that hidden personality that's revealed to be in Talia) implanted in her. It was under the Control personality that Takashima was going to have been the one to shoot Garibaldi in the back at the end of season one. Takashima was only going to be in the show for about two or so seasons and would eventually be replaced by Ivanova after Takashima was revealed as Control. Ivanova was going to be introduced before Takashima was revealed as Control in a sort of position that Lt. Corwin had on the show and to be promoted to Lt Commander when Takashima was revealed.

Here are some of jms's words on it.

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