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Re: EpDis: The Corps Is Mother, The Corps Is Father

But Vir's wife was controlling and manipulative. Bester's female intern was simply in complete adoration of him. Also the intern's actions could be explained/understood as a young woman's typical behavior (apart from the extent to which she'd already been conditioned to think of mundanes as inhuman). Vir's potential wife was far too old to be going through that phase in life.

Both had been completely conditioned to see this one type of "person" as being no more than an annoying pest to be eliminated. And both did anticipate the approval of the one they were out to impress. But as character types, I admit I don't see them as being the same at all. One of the frightening and disturbing things about the girl was how young she was to be already so callous about life. Vir's wife had had decades to become that way.

But good observation. Both certainly felt that killing would be an excellent way to "prove themselves" to the one they adored.
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