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Originally Posted by Veritas1980 View Post
No, I was not, I just joined this form not long ago and have not been part of any club or gatherings, sadly.
Well it was Space City Comic Con 2014. You may have heard of that Convention on the news in 2016. It was at NRG Center. They billed it as a Sons of Anarchy reunion that turned into anarchy for fans of that show. I shouldn't laugh. It was a horrible experience for them, but I was there for other guests from other shows and movies so it was fine for me. Anyway, the 2014 Space City Comic Con that was held in Galveston at Moody Gardens was billed as the Babylon 5 20TH Anniversary Con. They were basing their 20TH Anniversary on Midnight on The Firing Line (1994) where as Phoenix Comic Con, which was several months earlier, based their Babylon 5 20TH Anniversary Con on The Gathering (1993). I still have never heard the story as to how Space City Comic Con went down that path, but they were able to get more guests than Phoenix had - except no JMS. Anyway it was absolutely fantastic. I only wish I had been able to do more. Unfortunately several of the Guest Panels were scheduled at the same time so you had to pick and choose. With 17 Babylon 5 cast members it was a tough thing to schedule I guess. It was so awesome.
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