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Re: EpDis: The Wheel Of Fire

Originally Posted by Elipsis View Post
Wow. No discussion here. Let me start.
I think in one of the board remakes posts may have disappeared. I'm fairly certain there used to be posts in this thread. It's certainly an episode likely to have inspired comment years ago, at least.

As far as the payoffs go: yes, JMS had a tricky job having to figure out how to create a character we'd find developed and sympathetic in one final season, when CC left the show. Quite frankly, I'm surprised he pulled it off as well as he did.

Lyta's story: yea, it's a real wonder that she helped out so many in such important ways, and yet was still an "outsider". I guess that's the plight of the telepaths, and the reason there's just no simple answer to how to cope with people who can read your mind, even bend or destroy your mind. And what happened to her is much like the "the war is over, get over it" that veterans have to live through.

But it is totally baffling how abandoned she was. It seemed that no one ever even tried to help her find a place, a purpose among them. I tend to see the ingratitude towards and treatment of Lyta as part of what makes the B5 heroes still only human. Not perfect, by any means, and perhaps even too wrapped up in other matters to much care. Not that those "other matters" weren't of staggaring importance, but again you'd think someone would pipe up and say "don't we owe here something for the sacrifices she's made and the work she's done for us?"

But it puts her where she needs to be in order to go out with G'kar and find the resources to take down the Psi Corps. Fair or not, I'd think it was an essential plot point that she not be welcomed in and made comfortable. That's not the stuff of revolutions, you know?
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