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Re: How would you reboot B5?

Ubik said >>>Good point. I suppose it really depends where JMS mind is at as to the ‘reboot’. Logically, I would assume he want to use this as a fresh start, so he can set a new baseline and then expand on it from there. The film could lead into a new TV series, with WB blessing, or it could be a series of films, which seems more likely. It all depends on where JMS wants to take it.<<<

One of my kids had an interesting comment the other day: "Just make a movie with a cool name. Make it something new that no one's ever heard of before, just a cool-seeming space adventure that everyone goes into cold. Then, halfway through, have President Sheridan turn up on TV and give a speech, or something. Nothing major. It's a self-contained story that happens to be set in the B5 universe, but it's got no direct connection to anythign we've seen before. If fans catch it, cool. If not, who cares? If people are interested, they'll look into B5. If not, again, who cares? You made a good movie."

I thought it was neat.

UBIK said: >> Same was true of Serenity in relation to Firefly. Although, I will say this… it annoyed me deeply that all the characters were set back to square one. Rich, well rounded characters from the show characters had become ‘angry sarcastic captain’ and ‘crazy girl’.<<<

Yeah, I was pretty disappointed by that movie, too.

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