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Hi everyone!
long time no see!
I just stumbled upon MCs reactions and gobbled them up like... what is that earth creature called? beak, feathers, gobbles up all the bread crumps you toss them?
I gobbled them up like cats do breadcrumps.
And then it hit me: hey, I havn't been visiting here for a while, I should tell you about that...


as always I'm so late to the party it's already time to clean up. (that's why I hate parties, its just work for me :P)

The only thing new I can bring to the table is this observation: HOW GOOD ARE HER SHORT VERSIONS ON YT!!!! I'm totally floored.
As you know: I made a recap of season 1, and I don't have to do a reaction and reactions to other material and have a dayjob while having an upload schedule. I can take my time and do whatever and I still think her short versions are better than mine. In opposition to other reactors she never butchers the material. I watched groundhog day from kayreacts. That was awful! 90% of the scenes she put in this reaction are just cut before there is any closure. It's just random nearly incoherent sequences. MC on the other hand has the episodes nailed down. If you know nothing about the episode and you watch her reactions you get what's going on and you get the character arcs as well. sure: her cuts are often blunt but I don't care. making a recap of just the episodes is a daunting task already, without having to be sure, that the reaction fits as well.

I mean: why did I even bother making my own...
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